What's actually in a service you ask? You can see a comprehensive breakdown of what's included in our three levels of service in the table below.

Work DetailAnnual Service (recommended every 12 months)Major Service (recommended every 24 months)
Drain engine oil and refill (to correct manufacturer spec)
Replace oil filter
Check for general oil leaks
Check for timing belt replacement interval and report if due according to mileage/age
Check radiator and coolant pipe condition, security and report any leaks
Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excluding timing, cam belt)
Replace air filter (if applicable)
Check and record antifreeze strength, min temp and top up coolant as required
Check fuel cap condition
Check visual condition of fuel lines
Drive System
Check & top up clutch fluid, test boiling point
Check drive shaft gaitors for security and report leaks
Check propshaft, drive shaft, joints
Check operation of exterior lights
Check horn
Test effectiveness of starter motor, battery, alternator
Steering and Suspension
Check or top-up power steering reservoir (if applicable)
Check steering and suspension components for wear and corrosion
Check steering rack gaitors condition
Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
Check shock absorber condition and report on any serious leaks
Inspect exhaust system inc catalyst if fitted for leaks security and noise
Check brake pads for wear or damage
Check brake callipers for leaks and security
Check foot brake shoes for wear or damage
Inspect operation of wheel cylinders and report any leaks
Visually check brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosion
Check security of handbrake linkages and travel, lubricate and adjust if required
Check brake discs or drums for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring or pitting
Check brake fluid Level & top up, test boiling point
Tyres and Wheels
Remove road wheels
Check tyre condition, tread depth, (including spare)
Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
Set wheel nut torque to manufacturer’s settings
Check windscreen wiper condition/operation
Check rear wiper condition/operation (if fitted)
Check windscreen washer operations and top up if required
Check windscreen for chips & cracks
Check mirror condition both interior and exterior
Remove and check pollen filter condition, report if replacment required (supply or fitment at additional cost)
Check Seatbelts front and rear inc lap belt
Lubricate accessible door hinges (with white grease)
Reset vehicle service light
Stamp service book
Lubricate bonnet catch
Road Test
Abnormal noises or issues
Check warning lights
Check clutch for noise, slip or judder
Check for excessive exhaust smoke

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