Hello everyone, Please note that we are in the process of moving premises and will completely transfer over to our new address by next week. The new location is just a short distance away from Anniesland Industrial Estate: 99 – 101 Brownside Drive Yoker Glasgow G13 4BW It’s the same team and same level of […]

Know the law In the UK it is the driver of a vehicle’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is fitted with the correct type and size of tyre. This also means that you’re responsible for ensuring that the tyres are correctly inflated and that they have enough tread on them. The legal minimum tread […]

What to look for? Keeping an eye on your car is very important. You want to make sure you pick up any little problems before they become big problems. Modern cars are becoming more and more reliable, but there’s still the chance that something will go wrong. So follow our simple guide to general car […]

The short answer is: it depends There’s no easy answer to the question of the ‘ideal’ mileage on a used car. You’ll find compelling arguments on both sides of the debate. Some argue that a newer car with higher mileage is a better bet then an older car with lower mileage. We’ll set out the […]

There’s more to an MOT than just the price We charge a fair price for our MOT testing. It’s a standard fee of £40. We know you can get a cheaper test done. But we believe our honest approach builds trust with our customers. They know that we’ll never charge a retest fee for a […]