There’s more to an MOT than just the price

We charge a fair price for our MOT testing. It’s a standard fee of £40. We know you can get a cheaper test done. But we believe our honest approach builds trust with our customers. They know that we’ll never charge a retest fee for a car that fails its MOT. Many of the garages that offer cheaper tests do charge for a retest. There are lots of reasons you can use to choose the garage who look after your car. We believe that trust is the best of these.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can make your MOT test as simple as can be. 

Daft reasons your car can fail its MOT

There are a number of reasons your car can fail its MOT. Some of them are just plain daft. Here’s a list of some of the easiest ones to avoid:

  • The screenwash needed topping up
  • The car is dirty / full of clutter
  • Warning lights on the dashboard that have been ignored
  • Parking tickets stuck to the window obscuring the driver’s vision
  • Irregularity with the number plate

The number of cars in the UK failing because of these sorts of faults is pretty scary. And pretty expensive if the driver is using a garage that charges for an MOT retest. Between August 2012 and August 2013, 4,469 cars failed due to needing their screenwash topped up, 2,852 failed due to a dirty or cluttered car and 1,398 failed due to their number plate (a staggering 114 people delivered cars for MOT testing that didn’t have a number plate at all!). These are simple things to get right. It pays to give your car a tiny bit of TLC before you leave it for testing.

Our MOT removes the stress

We know our onions when it comes to MOT testing. We’re fully registered and are members of the Motor Ombudsman body. This government-backed body sets industry standards and recognises quality within the motor trade.

Here’s a checklist of what the MOT covers:

  • lighting and signalling equipment
  • steering (including suspension)
  • brakes
  • tyres and wheels
  • seat belts
  • body, structure and general items. Includes body and components such as spoilers, bumpers and mirror housings.
  • exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • driver’s view of the road.

We have a list of FAQs on MOTs here. It answers the questions we’re asked most often about the MOT.

Trust us to look after your car

We’ve built our business on trust and looking after our customers. We’re motorists too and we know how much you care about your car. So we look after it as if it was our own. When it’s time for your MOT, is it really worth saving £10 if you’re not sure who’s looking after your car?

We realise we’re not the cheapest. But we’re one of the best. We think the Red Adair quote sums it up best:

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Need advice? Give us a call

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. If you’ve got a motoring question, give us a call or pop in and we’ll sort it out for you. We look forward to seeing you soon. Safe motoring.

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