car-vehicle-measure-fastIf your car’s making a noise or a rattle you’ll be worried what’s causing it. Unusual noises from your car could be an early sign of an auto system or component failure. Whatever you do, don’t ignore it. Having the problem looked at early can save money. And you never want to compromise when it could be a safety issue. An annual check-up can make sure your belts, hoses, oil levels, brake pads and exhaust system are working correctly.

Car making a noise

If you start to hear a noise coming from your car, take a minute to listen to the noise. A simple checklist is to try and answer the following questions:

  • Is the noise there when stationary and moving?
  • Does it matter what speed you’re doing?
  • Is the noise at the front, middle or rear of the car?
  • Does it only make the noise when it’s hot, or raining?
  • Does the noise happen when you’re accelerating or braking?
  • Does the noise only happen when you’re turning?
  • Does the rattle happen when you go over bumps?

Your answers can help your mechanic’s diagnosis and help locate the likely problem.

Here are five common noises and what can be causing them:

  1. Grinding when braking

Your vehicle may need: replacement brake pads and/or discs.

A grinding noise when you brake is normally an indication that your brake pads are worn. You shouldn’t ignore this. It can cause safety issues and the longer you leave it the more it’s likely to cost when you get the brakes looked at.

  1. Squealing or screeching when you brake

Your vehicle may need: new brake pads.

It’s often caused by a pad not releasing properly, which causes excessive heat and noise. When this happens your car may not be able to stop when you perform emergency braking. Get it seen to as soon as you can.

  1. Squealing noise from under the bonnet

Your vehicle may need: drive belt replacement.

The drive belt allows your car’s engine to work and distribute power properly. You’ll have heard this squeal from cars passing you in the street. It often happens when you start the car up and move off. Don’t ignore this noise, as the replacement is an easy and inexpensive repair.

  1. Spluttering or rattling exhaust

Your vehicle may need: exhaust components or system repair.

The most common exhaust problem is a hole in the exhaust. However, an exhaust system has many parts. Some of these are relatively inexpensive. Others can cost a bit more. But ignoring these noises is only saving up problems for later. And when you come to deal with the problem it’ll be worse and cost more to fix.

  1. Growling, roaring or banging from your tyres and wheels

Your vehicle may need: new tyres or wheel bearings.

Worn tyres make an unusual noise when you drive. Be aware of this, as it can be dangerous and it can cost a fine and penalty points on your driving licence. Wheel bearings have a different sound – more like a low humming noise. Your mechanic can easily advise you what’s wrong with your car and help you get it running normally without annoying noises.

You can listen to different car noises on YouTube to help you work out what’s wrong with your car. Or just pop in to Kays Garage and we’ll have a look and let you know exactly what’s wrong. It’s a no obligation service to help keep you safe on the roads.

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