Grab a car bargain this Christmas Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts. Armed with the right knowledge, you can receive a gift from the dealers who are looking to shift cars from their forecourts. Car dealers have sales targets that they normally have to hit by the end of the year. So […]

How to keep that new-car smile New car? Congratulations. We’re here to help you keep enjoying it as it becomes a slightly less-new model. Not many people know that you can take your car to any garage for its service and (subject to a few conditions being met, that we take care of at Kays […]

Stay on top of your car’s maintenance When it comes to keeping your car roadworthy there are many ways to approach it. Most people think of a service or their MOT as being the most important way to look after their car. Yet many people don’t really know the difference between the two. So here […]

What’s an MOT again? An MOT test checks that your vehicle currently meets road safety and environmental requirements. Every car over three years old requires an MOT (there are a few exceptions; mostly ambulances and taxis). You should always make sure your car has an MOT. It’s illegal to drive without one and not having […]

Planning ahead saves a lot of hassle Winter is a time that we, as humans, are not terribly fond of. Here’s a little secret – our cars aren’t too keen on it either. The wet, cold weather and the dark, short days see far more breakdowns than in the summer months. Spending a little time […]